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'HAROLD' May 2017

'HAROLD' is a short film created for the NLCC High School Ministry Youth Group that I volunteer with, specifically with the Gr. 10 Boys.

The premise is that I bring a large Kodak Colour Kin named Harold to a 'Show and Tell' Youth Group night, and one of the boys, Micah, takes a liking to Harold, and we find that Harold also takes a liking to him. Soon, anyone who interacts with Micah, whether negative or positive, ends up suffering Harold's wrath, which turns out to be quite lethal.

I spent near a hundred hours working on this film along with the boys. I was involved in the writing, acting, directing, producing, filming, editing, and compositing of the film. Despite several shortcomings in quality, I am quite proud of this film, as are the Gr. 10 boys I work with.

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